Indian Railway offers up to 100% Discount on Train Tickets

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Train Tickets: Indian Railways is one of the most important means of transportation in our country. Lakhs of passengers travel by train on a daily basis. They rely on the train in every case, whether it is a trip nearby or to a distant place. That is why the railway is called the lifeline of the country.

Also, the cost of travel by train is much lower than other modes of public transport. Therefore, the number of passengers is increasing. In such a situation, many important steps have also been taken by the railways for the convenience of passengers. A number of other benefits are also provided. Most people don’t even know about it. In this report, we provide detailed information on the same.

Railways offers up to 100% Discount on Train Tickets

By the way, we all know that the railways give discounts on tickets for elderly passengers. However, there is also a rule of exemption for sick passengers on the train. Many don’t know this. Basically, according to the railway rules, if a passenger is diagnosed with cancer or goes for heart surgery, then there is a discount on the ticket. Apart from this, it is also used for many other diseases.

Also, in some cases, up to a 100 percent discount is provided on railway tickets. In this case, a cancer patient and a passenger accompanying him can get a 100 percent discount on sleeper and AC 3-tier tickets. Meanwhile, the discount on First AC and AC 2 tyres is 50 percent. Also, a 75 percent discount is being given on first-class, first-class, and second-class tickets. Apart from this, a 75 percent discount will be given on AC-3 and Attendant Sleeper Tyres.

Besides, there is a provision for a discount on train tickets for patients undergoing treatment for TB disease. Along with this, passengers will also get a discount. Basically, a 75 percent discount is given for second, sleeper, and first class. In this regard, it is to be noted that in this case, authentic documents related to the illness of the passenger have to be submitted to the railways. Even a railway doctor can examine a sick person.

Apart from this, discounts are also available on train tickets while going for heart surgery or dialysis. In this context, railway sources said that passengers are exempted from second-class, sleeper-class, first-class AC 3-tier, and AC chair cars. Also, customers can avail up to a 75 percent discount on the tickets. Also, a 50 percent discount is available on First AC and AC 2 tyres. A lot of people don’t! Railways are a boon for the sick! 100% discount on tickets

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